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In 2006, RPi changed the way the aftermarket designed performance intakes.  With the theory that factory intake systems were superior designs over conventional tubing coupled with induction (cone style) filters exposed to the heat in the engine bay, RPi's Ram Induction was born.  Induction type intakes suffer from heat soak being exposed in the engine bay.  Factory intakes are usually designed to induce ambient temperatures so they are far superior.  The difference in temperature can be as much as 100F which results in a significant power loss although more air is going through the filter.  The folk's at RPi like to call these "Hot Air Intakes".  Factory intake systems are also usually made of plastic which does not heat soak and retain heat the same way a metal or aluminum pipe would.  They are usually completely sealed, protecting the air filter from under hood heat.  The solution to intake performance is to bring or "ram" cool outside air into the factory intake system.  As the originators of the "Ram Air Scoop", RPi had lead the way in designing Ram Induction systems for several applications.  All induction kits are tested in house under strict conditions.  RPi Ram Air kits are NEVER tested with the hood open and dyno sessions NEVER allow for "cool down" periods.  This ensures that RPi customers get the best in intake performance.

E46 M3
E90/92 3 Series including M3
E60 525i, 528i, 530i, 545i
E60 550

E60 M5
E63 6 Series
E63 M6

Z4 M-Coupe
E82 1 Series
F10 M5 (w/o Night Vision)
F12/F13 M6

Mercedes Benz


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